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ChAR Digital is recognized by Snapchat as being an Official Lens Creator and Snapchat Lens Creative Partner, which ensures our clients they will be receiving original and high-quality content. Our is made up of young professionals with experience in AR/VR for over 4 years. We have worked with many big-name brands, artists, as well as companies and are honored to have many come back as regular customers. ChAR Digital is a team made up of Gen Z, so we can offer an insight into marketing towards young adults that other companies can't offer. We are dedicated to giving our clients amazing lenses that honor the integrity of their business, while creating a unique and personalized experience.


It has become apparent that AR is the future of marketing. It was projected that by 2018 AR users would hit 200 million, and the economic impact is reported to reach 29.5 billion by 2020. Platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram have already taken full advantage of this new media through the creation of AR lenses and filters. Brands are realizing that the implementation of AR lenses is a great marketing strategy, since the interactive quality of the media appeals to young people in a way the traditional ad fails to do. When brands market on Snapchat the potential amount of views the lens can produce is over 300 million with 70% of the users being under 25 years old.

The traditional ad is becoming obsolete, it is easily removed with ad-blockers and optional subscription-based streaming services. The interactive quality of AR ads turns this narrative on its head. AR lenses make advertisements enjoyable, while making them shareable. According to Vibrant Media, 67% of media planners and buyers want more AR/VR ads incorporated with their digital marketing campaigns, in order to increase consumer engagement. Additionally, half of these media agents expect the implementation of AR/VR ads will prevent ad blocking

ChAR Digital prides itself in being am economical option for our clients. Going straight to Snapchat will cost an average of $500,000 to run an ad for a day. ChAR Digital will create and upload an ad for than a fraction of that cost. Our ads can be downloaded at any time by viewers. Pricing for specific ads/filters by ChAR Digital are determined based on the ad campaign goal and project difficulty. For more details contact us at

Why ChAR Digital?

Why AR Marketing?


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