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Impact of AR Marketing

The next generation of consumers have grown up in a world of fast-paced media and technology that is constantly changing and improving. The traditional static ad is losing its power, it has become a nuisance that is easily prevented by opting for entertainment streaming services with no run time for ads or bypassed altogether with an ad-blocker.

However, AR marketing allows for a unique and interactive experience that connects brands with their audiences in a way the traditional advertisement cannot. The implementation of AR is especially impactful with younger generations since it seamlessly combines the real world with the digital world.

About ChAR Digital


ChAR Digital is the brainchild of our CEO, Benjamin Paruzynski. Benjamin is honored to have been named as a Snapchat Lens Creative Partner and an Official Lens Creator. We hope to bring this standard of work and effort to all our projects created at ChAR Digital.

Benjamin and the rest of the team at ChAR Digital understand that the world of marketing is changing. ChAR Digital is proud to work with brands to create unique and interactive experiences that capture the spirit of a new generation.


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