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Home Server

Built a server with some old PC parts. It has 4x4TB WD Red HDDs in RAID Z1 for data and 2x512gb sata SSDs for the OS and CT volumes.

I was running TrueNAS Scale for a few months and didn't end up liking it and switched to Proxmox around Q3 2023.

The server primarily runs an LXC ubuntu server running Nextcloud to backup all my work projects. And some other supporting LXCs like cloudflared and tailscale for external access.

The main goal here was to stop paying for cloud services like Onedrive and Google drive and host my own data.

Long term I would like to use this for remote python ML stuff like jupyter notebook rather than using google colab. Or set up a media server, home automation, etc.

Also set up a piHole DNS server alongside this


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